Translation for Sono Omokage wo Shitteru & Bikkuri's final goodbye 

Bikkuri's hiatus/retirement 

Bikkuri will no longer be scanlating Ao Haru Ride due to her heavy workload at school :( More details on her wordpress. 

Bikkuri's ramblings & Japanese raws for Chapter 24 

ALSO: Bikkuri’s full translations for Chapter 24 on GoogleDocs!

Bikkuri releases Page 23! 

Available for download on her site!

Bikkuri releases Page 22! 

Available for download on her site!

Touma's profile by Bikkuri! 

Bikkuri releases Page 21! 

Available for download on her site!

Bikkuri's ramblings & Japanese raws for Chapter 22 

Bikkuri releases Page 20! 

Available for download on her site!

Bikkuri releases v03 extra + character profiles 

This is the chapter between Chapters 11 and 12 featuring the story of how Murao falls in love with Tanaka-sensei. Yuuri, Kominato, Murao, and Tanaka-sensei’s profiles have also been translated (Kominato’s favourite colour is pink!) 

Bikkuri's ramblings & Japanese raws for Chapter 20 

Yay, Bikkuri’s back! With her expertise fanfiction-writing skills. 

Bikkuri releases Page 19! 

Bikkuri releases Page 18! 

Bikkuri releases Page 15 + Page 16 + Page 17! 

Available for download on her site!

edit:// It’s only Page 16+17 for now, but Page 15 will be available tomorrow (: 

Recent Updates/Rant 

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking me “Where is Chapter 17?” “Has it been scanlated yet?” “Why is it so late?”. 

The reasons why chapters from the past couple of months have been so quick was because awesome fans contributed translations at the forum, and yoon-mi typesets the chapter at the speed of light, making the chapter available earlier than usual. 

But this month, there is a specific warning from the Chinese scanlators to not use their scans for English scanlations as it is a direct violation of their rules. 

So I suggest that, for now, you make do with the raws that are available here and here, alongside with the translation from BXSManga

If you want faster releases, well, this is your perfect opportunity to help! 

Bikkuri’s recruiting cleaners! The more help she gets, the faster a chapter gets released! 

If you think that your photoshop-cleaning skills are up to parr (and if you’re dedicated enough not to bail on her), take the cleaning test (clean this) and shoot her an email with the image attached. 

Don’t know how to clean but still want to help? Specific instructions are available on her post. Keep in mind that if Bikkuri doesn’t receive enough help, she may quit scanlating altogether. We really don’t want that to happen. 

I just want to throw this out there, it’s absolutely useless to whine and moan about when a chapter comes out. If anything, it annoys people even more and further delays it from being released. Demanding for a chapter does not help your case at all, so please restrain yourself from asking in the future. Be considerate, since the people doing these translations/scanlations have lives as well. Imagine having to either work full-time or having to attend school/college with all the exams to study for or assignments to do, all while having to churn out high quality scanlations on the side (and at the fast pace that people demand of them). 

We’re lucky enough that there are people even scanlating in the first place! D: 

Okay, sorry, rant over. TL/DR Help out if you want your manga to be released faster, don’t sit around whining for it to come out, it’s not going to help. At all. 

And of course, kudos to all the patient folks out there, you guys are great and deserve cookies :) 

Edit:// Bikkuri’s found enough help! New chapters should be arriving soon :)